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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am back.
After much thinking.

I have decided to keep this year much more casual.

I cant do the 365 thing because it is already January 11 and I have only taken 5 pictures.

But, I can do a weekly thing.

I am going to post my favourite picture for every week of the year.
Sure, some weeks may be more exciting and I may take many more pictures, but, who cares?
I will post 23 pictures that week if I want.

I just want to keep it casual.
And not feel like I have to take pictures.

Make sense????

1 comment:

Heatherlyn said...

Yeah. It makes sense. That's kind of where I'm at with posting. :) I like your pictures though so I'm glad you are still going to post them once a week. That sounds perfect. :)